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“Kaunas: dates and facts”

In 2007, the Kaunas Studies Group of Kaunas County Public Library (Oak Grove Library) started developing an electronic directory, Kaunas: Dates and Facts. Its aim is to create an easily accessible e-directory, attractively presenting systematic textual and visual information about Kaunas* – from its origins to the present. The e-directory is being developed in collaboration with research institutions and experts, as well as museums, archives and owners of collections.

All the materials contained on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, published or broadcast without the prior written permission of the Oak Grove Library or in the case of third party materials, the owner of that content. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content. In case of using the materials from this site the source must be provided.

The e-directory is primarily targeted at those who have no direct access to the library, museum, or guide services. Its users represent different social groups and occupations, foreigners who come to Kaunas for studies or work, Lithuanian emigrants, etc

Sometimes it is difficult to determine exact dates. Quite often, various sources quote them differently. The authors of the e-directory, having access to the unique document file containing 600,000 references to Kaunas Studies, select the sources, point out the primary sources or scientific references, as well as website addresses that would encourage the user for further studies, whenever possible. Informative illustrations of facts have been taken not only from the Oak Grove Library stocks, but also from other institutions such as Vytautas The Great War Museum, Kaunas City Museum, Lithuanian Museum of Medicine and Pharmacy and personal collections. The authors have consulted with historians Rasa Varsackytė, Liudas Glemža, Mindaugas Bertašius, and others.

  •  asterisk (*) marks the dates which have been quoted differently in different sources.
  • E-directory contains links to the dates of other historical periods.
  • You can search by key words (singular), dates (year, century), and any word (or fragment).

The e-directory is being regularly updated and supplemented with new textual and visual information, references; inaccurate facts are being corrected.
On the title page – the view of Kaunas Old Town from Liksmadvaris. Painter Napoleonas Orda. 1875. [Napoleonas Orda: Senosios Lietuvos architektūros peizažai / Vytautas Levandauskas, Renata Vaičekonytė-Kepežinskienė. – Vilnius, 2006. – P. 78.]. (The original is in Cracow National Museum).

*Kaunas, Kowno, Kovne, Kovna, Kauen

  • The winner
    The annual contest, “Naujasis knygnešys 2007”

    The annual contest, “Naujasis knygnešys 2007” (New Book Distributor 2007), organised by the Information Society Development Committee under the Government of the Lithuanian Republic, has the aim to encourage and evaluate initiatives in information society development. The electronic directory Kaunas: Dates and Facts was declared the winner for implementing information technologies in adult training and education.

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