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The anniversaries of the year 2017

495th –

in 1522 the first remained book of Kaunas Magistrate was started writing.
475th –
in 1542 the construction of City Hall was started.
440th –

in 1577* Kaunas Paper Workshop was mentioned for the first time.

410th –

in 1607 a stone city wall and ramparts was started to build.

215th –

in 1802 under the initiative of population the first fire brigade was established.


on 24.06.1812 starting the war with Russia, a large part of the French army led by Emperor Napoleon I, moved through Nemunas at Kaunas.
170th –

on 21.02.1847 tsar Nicholas I approved the development plan of Kaunas city (supplemented in 1871).
in 1847 the old city cemetery (Vytauto Ave., cur. Ramybės Park) was established.

165th –
in 1852 the marketplace in the Old Town (cur. Steigiamojo Seimo (the Constituent Assembly) Sq.) was established.
155th –
in 1862 a factory „Minerva“ (cur. Vytauto Ave.) was established by N. Rekošas.
in 1862 the building of Kaunas Province Gymnasium (cur. Maironis University) was built.
in 1862 the Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Church (Voskresenskaja) in Carmelite cemetery was built.
in 1862 Jewish Hospital „Bikur Cholim“ (architect N. Timofejev) was built.
150th –

in 1867 the merchant of second guild Dovydas Šereševskis started to build the nail factory in Carmelite district next to Malaja Gospitalnaja street (cur. Kaunakiemio Str.).

145th –

on 17.07.1872 Levin Boruchov Minkowski has received a permission to build Choral Synagogue (E. Ožeškienės Str. 13; unknown architect) in Kaunas.

135th –
in 1882 rabbi Nott Hirsh Finkel set up Jeshiva (rabbinical seminary) in Vilijampolė.
130th –

in 1887 City Board decided to pave new main streets with stones.

125th –
on 09.01.1892 500 seats City Theatre (architect U. Golinevičius) with staging of N. Gogol's comedy „Revizorius“ was opened.
on 24.05.1892 from a Town Hall to the railway station began running a tram, drawn by horse („konkė“), which functioned until 15th of April, 1929.
120th –
in 1897 „Central hotel“ (Laisvės Ave. 21 / Nepriklausomybės Sq. 13) was built.
in 1897 I. Pikeris established hotel „Versalis“ on his holding (Laisvės Ave. 88, architect N. Andrejev).
in 1897 was started to build the city museum, which opened its doors to the public on 21st of November, 1898.
110th –
on 15.09.1907 pedagogical courses of association „Saulė“ was established (was operated illegally since 1906).
105th –
in 1912 tsarist army began to install the airfield, which aims - to defend the western borders of the empire in Panemunė.
in 1912 was started to build a palace of gymnasium „Saulė“.

100th –

in 1917 Panemunė Cemetery (Tylos Str.) was established.
in spring of 1917 the obelisk of 1812 metres height in Town Hall Square - Kaunas Gubernia symbol was broken down by German army and was shipped to Germany as scrap metal.

95th –
on 25.01.1922 under the initiative of jewish businessmen A. Rosenberg, E. Taubman and M. Judasin chemical pharmaceutical laboratory „Sanitas“ was established.
on 30.01.1922 the Finnish embassy was established.
on 01.05.1922 Czechoslovak consulate was established.
on 18.07.1922 Lithuanian Women Cultural Society was registered in.
on 02.10.1922 the Bank of Lithuania started working.
on 01.11.1922 Militia school in Linksmadvaris (in Viesulava) was established.
on 18.11.1922 Pedagogical Museum (Laisvės Ave. 12, cur. 24) officially was opened.
on 20.12.1922 Italy recognized the independent state of Lithuania. After a while, her Office of the Embassy temporary established in „Versalis“ hotel.
in 1922 was formed the founding group, which has established a joint stock beer company „Ragutis“.
in 1922 the British embassy was established in Kęstučio street.
in 1922 Sweden established a consulate in Kaunas.
in 1922 Lithuanian industrialist J. Vailokaitis and engineer V. Geiga set up a joint-stock company „Palemonas“.
in 1922 the French representative office was opened.
in 1922 Switzerland Consulate was established.
in 1922 Netherlands Consulate was opened.

90th –
on 01.09.1927 the State Gymnasium of Girls „Aušra“ (Gimnazijos Str. 3) was established in Kaunas.
in September of 1927 Austrian Consulate (cur. Laisvės Ave. 90) was opened in Kaunas.
on 21.10.1927 a joint-stock company „Pienocentras“, Lithuanian Central Union of Milk Processing Companies was established.
in November of 1927 Kaunas country bus station was opened in Nemuno Str. 12.
in 1927 textile factory „Liteksas“ (Gedimino Str. 5) was established.
in 1927 glass factory „Aleksotas“ was established.
in 1927 Antialcoholic Museum in Nation Home (Lukšės Str. 15, cur. Gertrūdos Str.), in Officers' Club of Abstinent Students „Ateitininkai“ Corporation was established.
in 1927 „A Joint Stock Company of Lithuania Matches“ began operating in Vilijampolė.

85th –

on 02.01.1932 Central Post Office Palace (Laisvės Ave. 102, architect F. Vizbaras) was opened.
on 04.09.1932 the painter N. Arbit Blato (otherwise - Arbitblato, Blato Arbit) by French galleries example established the first private art gallery in the Baltic states (Nepriklausomybės Sq. 3). It worked until July 1933.
on 07.09.1932 a monument to Vytautas the Great (sculptor V. Grybas) was unveiled in Aukštoji Panemunė (in the yard of Military school).
on 04.12.1932 the Union of Organizations for Lithuania Mothers and Children to Care (LMVGO) established the Museum of Mother and Child (Laisvės Ave. 12, cur. 24).
in 1932 brothers Vinikai established the first fur processing factory in Lithuania „Vilkas“ („Wolf“) (Vilijampolė, Degtukų Str. 22).
in 1932 St. Joseph's Church was built in Vilijampolė.
in 1932 St. Vincent de Paul Church was started to build in Petrašiūnai (author of the project - Nikalojus Mačiulskis).
80th –
on 24.04.1937 representational Kaunas Officers' Club House was opened (A. Mickevičiaus Str. 19, authors of the project – V. Dubeneckis, S. Kudokas, K. Kriščiukaitis).
in 1937 the 5th State Gymnasium was established (Vytauto Ave. 30).
in 1937 Clinics of Kaunas Vytautas Magnus University was started to build (Eivenių Str. 2).
in 1937 Evangelical Reformed Church was started to build in Kaunas (E. Ožeškienės Str. 41).
75th –
in May of 1942 Lithuanian Front (LF) to fight for independence has created combat unit „Kęstutis“, whose headquarters with 5 sections was in Kaunas.
on 22.08.1942 the Lithuanian self-government subordinated to German administration - General Assessors institution - after elimination of the Provisional Government started to work in Kaunas.
70th –
in 1947 Lithuanian Agricultural Academy (LAA) which acted from 23th of September, 1924, moved from Dotnuva to Kaunas.
in 1947 „Žalgiris“ players (the club was founded in 1944) became the gold medalists at the first time in Soviet Union championship, held in Tbilisi.
65th –
in 1952 Kaunas 3rd Hospital was established in Aukštieji Šančiai.
in 1952 „Kauno audiniai“ („Kaunas textile“) branch was established in Vilijampolė.
60th –
on 20.03.1957 Kaunas Dairy Factory was established.
in 1957 in the garden of Kaunas State History Museum the concerts of the renewed carillon (was installed in 1937) started.
55th –
in August of 1962 Sport Palace (architects A. Zeidotas, V. Dičius; K. Baršausko Str. 66) and the stadium „Žalgiris“ was completed.
on 24.10.1962 Kaunas iron foundry „Centrolitas“, currently a joint-stock company „KKL Investment Management“ (R. Kalantos Str. 49), was established in Petrašiūnai.
on 04.11.1962 when ignited natural gas torch in the stadium „Žalgiris“ gasify Kaunas city was started.
in 1962* commemorating Kaunas liberation the tank „Josif Stalin“ (the first entered Kaunas in 1944) at the beginning in the garden of Kaunas State History Museum, then by the VI fort was built.
50th –
in 1967 the hotel „Baltija“ was built (Lenino Ave. 71, cur. – Vytauto Ave.).
in 1967 the pantomime troupe led by Modris Tenisonas moved from Vilnius to Kaunas.
in 1967 cafes „Orbita“ and „Trys mergelės“ („Three virgins“) were opened.
45th –
on 14.05.1972 in protest against the Soviet occupation Romas Kalanta burned himself in the garden of Musical Theatre.
40th –
on 18–25.04.1977 in the Palace of Culture and Sports where Fifty years of October factory of artificial fiber worked before, the theater festival „Vaidiname darbininkams“ („Performing for workers“) (it was called „Lietuvos teatrų pavasaris“ („Lithuanian theater spring“) since 1996) was established.
on 27.04.1977 a monument to Lithuanian literary classic Jonas Mačiulis-Maironis was unveiled in the Town Hall Square (sculptor G. Jokūbonis, architect K. Šešelgis).
in 1977 cinema „Kaunas“ was opened.
35th –
in 1982 after reconstruction (started in 1977, architects A. Paulauskas, V. Paleckienė), Laisvės Avenue has become a pedestrian zone.
in 1982 a shop „Viešnagė“ was opened.
in 1982 cafe „Kaukas“ was opened.
30th on 01.11.1987 unsanctioned rally for Maironis 125th birth anniversary by his tomb in the Old Town took place.
in 1987 the biggest hotel in Kaunas „Neris“ was built (was put in to service in 1988).
25th – on 05.02.1992 subdivision of Maironis Lithuanian Literature Museum - Museum of Children's Literature was opened (established in 1991).
on 07.08.1992 a joint-stock company „Urmas“ was established.
on 24.09.1992 Kaunas Lagoon Regional Park was established.
in October of 1992 Kaunas Small Theatre was established.
in 1992 a joint-stock company „Kauno dujotiekio statyba“ („Gas Pipelain Construction“ Elektrėnų Str. 7) was established.
in 1992 a joint-stock company „Požeminiai darbai“ („Underground work“) activities started.
in 1992 a joint-stock company „Senukai“ was established.
20th – on 08.07.1997 near Vytautas the Great Church the memorial apartment-museum (Aleksoto Str. 10-4) of the canon, writer, public figure J. Tumas-Vaižgantas opened the doors.
in 1997 the music club „Combo“ was established in Cinema „Laisvė“ (music company „Combo“ was established in 1992).
in 1997 an international textile art exhibition „Textile 97“ which gave the beginning for Kaunas Biennial was organised.
15th – on 14.05.2002 the monument „Aukos laukas“ („Sacrifice field“) for memory of Romas Kalanta, who burned himself for Lithuanian freedom in Soviet times was unveiled. „Romas Kalanta 1972“ was recorded on the pavement.
on 04–07.07.2002 the first operetta festival „Operetė Kauno pilyje“ („Operetta in Kaunas Castle“) was organised.
on 30.09.2002 public Kaunas Police Museum was opened.
on 22.10.2002 M. K. Čiurlionis bridge over the Nemunas connecting Kaunas city center with Freda and Aleksotas (construction started in 1991) was opened.
10th – on 10.04.2007 the shopping and entertainment center „Akropolis“ was opened.
5th – on 20.07.2012 Kaunas Region Camping (Gervių Str. 9) was officially opened in Lampėdžiai.

The anniversaries were selected only from dates, which were listed in the electronic dictionary "Kaunas: dates and facts".